Sickrage/Medusa can't post-process using rClone 1.36 (rw)


Env: Debian 8/Ubuntu 16, rClone 1.36 (stable).

With rClone <1.36 I used to use unionfs-fuse (/Pre=rw & /Enc_ACD=RO) so as Sickrage, Couchpotato etc could deal with files (list, rename, copy/move using an rclone script). It worked like a charm :slight_smile: Thank you very much for this tool!

While testing rClone 1.36 and “direct post-processing” (aka /Enc_ACD=RW) neither Sickrage nor Medusa can post-process files. Logs are really poor, it just keep saying “already post-processing, please wait”. I was told it was the same with Filebot.

Heres the mount script:

sudo    /usr/sbin/rclone mount \
       --allow-non-empty \
       --allow-other \
       --acd-templink-threshold 0 \
       --checkers 16 \
       --quiet \
       --stats 0 \
       ACD_Enc:/ /home/xxx/Enc_ACD/ &

Does anyone use RW mod with Sickrage or any other PVR? And have any tips?

Thank you,

This sounds like an issue with your connection speed. I don’t use either of those applications, but if you’re trying to extract a rar file or something directly to the rclone mount, then yeah, it’s likely going to be problematic. You should think about using a custom post-processing script where you extract to a staging area and then rclone copy to the final storage space.

Thanks but I only use Bittorrent for SR/Medusa and those are dealing with dirs or MKV/MP4 files. The job is only to create show/season folders and rename/move files in.
Or maybe I misunderstood the rw mod of rClone 1.36?