Sickrage import existing shows over google mount

I have set up a mount to my google drive which has a large library of tv shows. Its taking forever to scan them into sickrage so far over 2 days. Is there any setting i can use for the mount to speed things up.

Not really. This happens because of network bandwidth and latency. One thing you may want to check is that you haven’t gotten a ban from Google due to API over-use. Can you see progress in your scanning (more shows being added, etc?)

No i have had bans before but not this time
I can see sickrage adding shows in the sickrage log but it seems to just stop adding and sit there forever i guess this just wont work.
Im going to try breaking down my library into multiple folders of about 20 shows per folder and import 1 folder at a time to see if this helps.
The weird thing is couchpotato does work when scanning in my existing movies yeah it takes a while like a few hours but it does complete.

Sounds like Sickrage is does a lot of reads then. Does it open and analyse the files? Does it rename them?