Should I have a separate client ID if I'm using a Google Drive service account?

Thanks, but I'm still unsure about how to obtain a service account. I simply want to use Drive as a cloud storage mount on my Linux system. This is working using my own credencials, but I have to manually renew the token every week or so, which is tedious. I've previously asked about this and it has been suggested that if I use an enterprise account (which I do have access to) this can be avoided. However I haven't managed to get this working yet, which is why I wondered whether a service account is the same thing. Apparently it isn't.

there are many topics in the forum about that you can read.
for example,

i use a free gdrive account.
for which i have setup both the client id using oauth and a service account.

my advice, change the project from testing to production.
then no need for service account.

Thanks, I'll try that as soon as I work out how to change from Testing to Production. The thread you pointed to seems to say that one has to jump through some hoops with Google in order to do this, but perhaps I'm not reading it carefully enough.

Unfortunately it didn't work. I clicked on the page to change Testing to Production and this appeared to be accepted. However a few days later I still had to renew the token manually.

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