Sharing gdrive with 1 person: unathorized

I have a gsuite business account with unilimited storage and I want my brother that lives in another country to be able to access and mount it.

I have 3 remotes: gdrive, crypt and cache.
if I mount my config here in my computer everything is fine.

if I send him the rclone.conf file he gets unathorized client.
if it asks to refresh the token, it asks for a login, and if he uses his own google account it doesn't work.

Do I need to give him my login and password to google?
Not that I don't trust him but I rather just share the rclone config file.

You can do it a few ways.

You can share the folder with to your brother's account.
You can share your account.

Method one:
You can share the folder with to your brother's account

What this means is, the crypt folder is called "secure". So I just right click -> share -> his gmail account?

Method two:
You can share your account.

This means giving him my account login and password?

That's correct to both of those statements.

So, with method one, when I share the secure folder with him, how does he mount? Just normally?

Or do I need to enable something like Treat this as a team drive?

You could share either using the "share" function on a normal drive.
Simply set up a Teamdrive (now called shared drive) and use that as the storage. Teamdrives are designed for collaboration, so that makes it very easy to share it as you can just invite his email - but with the downside that you will have to share the whole teamdrive. Sharing single folders on teamdrive is not possible. This is probably the most robust option.

How he mounts it will depend on which of those 2 options you use.

On a teamdrive - his config could be identical to yours (although he should probably set up his own clientID for the sake of both performance and your security/privacy).

On a regular drive, his config would be similar to yours, but he would need to use the --drive-shared-with-me flag to see the shared files. Other than that - it's a normal mount, yes.

It's not a complicated setup - but if you get totally lost on the basics after trying it yourself I could always make a template for you.

Thanks Stitma.

He is asleep now because of the time difference.
I think I'll try the sharing function and report back if it works.

What I'm wondering is what could lead to a google drive ban.
I'm sharing my unlimited storage with someone else, so I guess giving my login and password would be the most ban prone situation.

Sharing can't be the cause of a ban, can it? If it's a feature made by google it wouldn't make sense.

As you say, there are functions designed specifically for sharing - and teamdrives are made to be shared.
As long as you stay within the terms of service, I don't foresee any problem.
I can't imagine this landing you in trouble (but I guess read the TOS yourself to be sure).

What you definitely should avoid is having anything that might be picked up as illegal, copyrighted or "hacktools/virus" files in unencrypted formats though. Google does run hash-scans from time-to-time to pick up "excessive" amounts of such things. If you run encryption you should be fine though. Not that I necessarily condone such things - but that's not for me to judge :slight_smile:

Glad to report it worked.

Thanks Animosity022 and thestigma

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Nice work! Always satisfying to see a problem solved :smiley:

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