Shared Log File with RClone running on more than one POD

Hello Team

I have Rclone running as Docker on 2 PODS on my K8 Cluster on AWS. For Persistence I have mounted an EBS Volume and Log File is written there.
Question is can I identify from Log Entries which POD has written that entry. Something like IP Address


Could you simplify your question? Not sure all these AWS abbreviations bring any value here and are relevant to your root cause problem.

What is the problem with rclone? 2 instances of rclone writing to the same log file stored on shared mount?

That is correct. 2 RClone instances writing on the same Log. How would I identify which instance has written

AFAIK no way to distinguish. Simply the easiest way is to have one log per rclone instance.

You can put pid into --log-format

That may help!

--log-format LIST

Comma separated list of log format options. Accepted options are date, time, microseconds, pid, longfile, shortfile, UTC. Any other keywords will be silently ignored. pid will tag log messages with process identifier which useful with rclone mount --daemon. Other accepted options are explained in the go documentation. The default log format is "date,time".

things i would experiment with.


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