Shared API credentials betweeen google accounts?

While setting up my google API credentials through the developer console I ran into an issue where I could not create any credentials without using the organizer associated with the account. Choosing "no organizer" gives a permissions error as there is no location folder for a new project . I'd rather not use the admin/organizer since it says they would have full access to my project.
I instead used one of my other google accounts that I use for email to create the credentials. It seems to work fine BUT is this something that could send a flag to google that I'm "sharing" my account inappropriately?

TLDR: I know it works but Is it safe to use the api credentials from one google account to setup rclone/google drive with a different account?


What do you mean API credentials? A service account? Did you create a new client ID and secret? Which console? The GSuite Admin?

Sorry for any confusion - I'm talking about creating the new client ID and secret. (i'll edit the main post to say this instead of credentials)
the admin is my old school The developers console where you create a project/client id and secret.
The page to create the new project for the client ID and secret to be made - it asks for a project name, an organizer and a location/path.

Client ID and secret just tie back for API hits and aren't used for authentication.

You can share them as much as you want or you can create separate one.

So even though it's not used for authentication it is still tied to a specific account, right? So google would not see that as some kind of account sharing going on?

It's more for you and how you'd want to separate the API hits for tracking in the console. If you want to get more granular and track them, you can create more. If you just want one to track and aren't worried about someone sharing it or whatnot, you can use one.

I just one as it's only me generally using the API. If I had more than 1 person, I'd probably give them each one as I like to track things.

ah ok. thank you for this information!

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