Share How to unmount in window

Add --rc --rc-addr localhost:68375 to the startup command to start; Then in the windows system, you can use the following command to close rclone, that is, use the port to query the pid and then call the taskkill command to close RClone

Rclone mount example

rclone mount rcloneMount:/ W: --cache-dir E:\\RcloneCache --vfs-cache-mode writes --rc --rc-addr localhost:68375

Close the program on the specified port in the window cmd window

for /f "tokens=5" %i in ('netstat -ano ^| findstr 62345') do taskkill /f /pid %i /t

Closes the program for the specified port in the window batch file
edit in file.bat

 for /f "tokens=5" %%a in ('netstat -ano ^| findstr 68375') do taskkill /f /pid %%a

Seeing that many people are still troubled by this problem, I hereby leave a post here to share this method with everyone.

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