Settings for syncing to S3 with encryption

I am using rclone to “backup” 1 TB worth of data to an S3 bucket. Most files are small (like pictures and documents) but there are a few 1+ GB files like raw videos and VM backups.

Right now I am using rclone sync /source encryptedRemote:/backup/

But after looking through the different flags I am wondering if there are more optimal settings I could be using? Maybe --transfers 1 or the chunk size?

I know I could do a lot of tests but I suspect someone might already have done the work…

I’d try increasing --transfers. Double it (the default is 4) until it doesn’t get any faster.

That is about the only tweaking you can do with S3.

Understood. Thanks!

One day I might do a slew of test transfers and report back my findings on the optimal setting.