Setting RCLONE for idrive

anyhoo, i know this is off -topic

i do not have chrome, but on two different chromium browsers.

the problem with google chrome, is that it hides the www. from the domain name.
the actual real domain of is the problem.

that certificate is for, not for

Huh? I think you are confusing the issued to line.

The certificate issue on your side somewhere. If you click on the certificate, it'll tell you what's wrong and you can share the screenshot.

do you use chrome, as it tends to hide the full url from users?

there are two different certs in use.
one for htps://, which is the one you shared

but for htps://, there is a different cert.
as per the snippet i shared, that cert is from github, not let's encrypt
and this is from a linux vps, not my windows machine.

You get a redirect if you go to and that goes to

yes, i know about the redirect but not all browsers auto-redirect.

like i said it was off-topic
the combination of the

  1. the home page calling the software beta
  2. the home page displaying such an sloppy error.
    has me doubting the software and attention of small but important details.

did not expect for you to reply....

if you were to tell me that you use the software on a daily basis and trust it, that is good enough for me, i will try it.

I would not recommend any beta software for production use if you had real data that needed to be protected.

I've used it before and it seems to work fine for me.

I can't say I've seen any browser that would have 301s turned off that just breaks the web as many things use them.

As for the certificate, I made a post on their forums and made them aware of it as they probably aren't aware of the mistake.

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not turned off, but also not auto-redirect.
i disable auto-redirect.

i had a bad experience with a hijacked site, many years ago.
so i have my browsers warn me, and if i want, then to manually redirect.
a bit paranoid, i now.

but thanks much, for the replies. always appreciated.

Maybe to get this back2topic, this is only valid for right?
They currently offer 2TB for 6,95$ during 1st year but careful with traffic costs! as far as I understood the FAQ you're only covered for one time up + download which makes wasabi the way better alternative when you got lots of traffic.

IDrive® Cloud offers free egress up to 4 TB or twice the storage used in a month, whichever is higher. If data egress exceeds the specified limit, overage charges apply at $0.04/GB/Month. offers some bigger (traffic free) plans but it seems to only support (some pretty limited) WebDAV to be used with rclone :frowning: There is a Linux Perl Script Bundle though which is only sent out by Support on request...

When you open one of their comparisions you can get -90% off the 1st year ending up with the same 6,95$ for 5TB (but need to proof an account from that competitor)

correct, this is about, not

about the egress, at least idrive gives an option.
with wasabi, they can suspend your service
"If your storage use case exceeds the guidelines of our free egress policy on a regular basis, we reserve the right to limit or suspend your service."

there are so many s3 clones, so many way to find the perfect solution for a given use-case.
i find the combination of wasabi hot storage and aws glacier works best for me.
keep latest veeam backup image of servers in wasabi.
keep older images in aws s3 glacier and lifecycle to glacier deep archive.

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