Set Up a Root Folder in My Drive And Then Copy From TD

I am reading the crypt wiki, and with the thought of not wanting to expose my data to google, I want to set it up, at least for files I don't wanna loose.

My plan is to set up one with a root folder ID within the My Drive.

But the thing is, is there a way to server side copy content over to a crypt remote or am I stuck with downloading and then upload, thus using the VPS's bandwidth?

Crypt works by going through rclone as that's doing the encryption.

There's no way to do that server side as it has to be downloaded and uploaded.

This post from @asdffdsa has some additional tips (e.g. using a VM):

thanks @Ole,

there is no true server side copy when encrypting files.
rclone has to read the source file, crypt it and then copy it to the crypt remote.

one workaround to avoid using the VPS bandwidth is to rent a free/cheap virtual machine from google.

there should not be a charge to copy data to/from the vm and gdrive.

Traffic type Price
Egress to specific Google non-cloud products such as YouTube, Maps, DoubleClick, and Drive, whether from a VM in Google Cloud with an external IP address or an internal IP address. No charge

Btw, just a general question for crypt, I shouldn't have to enter any password to mount a crypt drive even if the password is salted right?

rclone mount command does not ask for the passwords.

the passwords are stored in the remote settings in the config file.

so because of how the passwords are salted, how does rclone mount them without asking me to unsalt?

I would at least have to type in the salt password in order to UN-obfuscate the real passcode right?

the crypt process is handled by rclone behind the scenes.

take a few minutes, create a crypt and try a few simple commands such as
rclone ls
you will see that rclone does not ask for passwords, as they are in the config file.

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so you see, I did make a crypt and am using it happily

I was just wondering this:

crypt -- crypt password -- salted -- salt password

So if I look in to the config, the salt password is not in plain text. In that case, how does rclone access the main crypt password without me providing anything?

Or is the "lightly obfuscated" meaning the scrambled really isn't an encryption and rclone is able to "decrypt" it right?

that is correct...

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