Service_account_file problem

What is the meaning of service_account_file?


I want to use my own Google API key to mount the Google Drive on my server, but I don't know what is service_account_file and What do I need to fill in for this? Where can I get the service_account_file?

Thank you.

It's documented on the Google Drive page.

Yes. I have tried to follow the guidelines step by step. But it failed to mount the Google Drive on my server.

Please help

Best way to help if to give the information in the help and support template.

Can't see your rclone.conf so not sure what you have setup. (Make sure to remove keys/sensitive data).

Here is my rclone.conf for your information.

Please help, thanks!

Can you paste text? It's hard to read what's in that screenshot.

Like in the help and support template, use 3 backtics `

before and after a block of code you want to paste

like this

type = drive
client_id =
client_secret = pnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx11
scope = drive
service_account_file = /home/www/

The screenshot isn't legible so no need to even add it.

You seem to have a mix client ID/secrets and a service account:

You can leave/remove client ID/secret as the service account uses it's own thing.

Can you share the output of step 4?

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