Server side copy from obfuscated drive to non obfuscated drive

Ok so what I want to do is server side copy a bunch of folders/files from an obfuscated gdrive team drive to a non obfuscated gdrive team drive. I want to do this because i want to share some of my files with other people without them needing to download rclone and use my encryption keys. I read online that this is not possible but with the --crypt-server-side-across-configs flag i can server side copy between two obfuscated drives without problems and I am also aware of this project:
I am completely ignorant about how rclone, that flag and this project work, so I am probably wrong, but is there really no way i can do this? Thanks in advance and sorry for the English (tell me if you cant understand something)

that is not possible,
as rclone has to

  • download the crypted file a chunk at a time, from the crypted remote
  • decrypt that chunk
  • upload the decrypted chunk to the non-crypted remote.

but there is a workaround.
use a google cloud storage compute virtual machine.
as i understand it, there is no cost to access files in gdrive.
you can run rclone on the vm

okok, but what about the --crypt-server-side-across-configs flag? It works for me server side copying between two obfuscated drives

--crypt-server-side-across-configs is for crypted to crypted.

you are trying to do crypted to non-crypted, so that flag will not work.

yeah but how does it work? doesn't it need to download decrypt and re-encrypt? How can it server side copy? Sorry but I am really slow jaja

in your case, crypted to non-encrypted, no matter what, rclone will need to download/upload.

if you run rclone on your local computer, then rclone would download/upload on that local computer and use its internet connection

if you run rclone on a virtual machine, the rclone will upload/download on that virtual machine.
no need to use the local computer and will not use local internet connection.

you can use google compute virtual machine, for free.
or rent a seedbox or virtual machine for a small fee.

is google compute virtual machine free?

free, if you choose the correct vm.

"F1-micro instance per month"

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