Server side copy - Box - item_name_in_use 409 error with existing files

If I attempt a server side copy from one box path to another, any file existing in both paths that has been updated in the src path will not be updated in the dst path. Instead, an error is thrown:

DEBUG : : Sizes differ (src 32 vs dst 25)
ERROR : : Failed to copy: Error "item_name_in_use" (409): Item with the same name already exists

The command is something like: rclone copy boxRemote:path1 boxRemote:path2
where path2 is intended to have a copy of all files that exist in path1.
The first time this copy is called, everything works because there are no existing files of path1 in path2. However, if later, a file is updated in path1 and then the above copy command is attempted, this 'item_name_in_use' error is thrown.

This is with rclone 1.48 on Ubuntu x64 16.04.

I suspect this is not desired behavior, because the same types of copy commands work just fine if src is local instead of a box remote.

I think that is a bug... Can you please make a new issue on github please?

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