Selecting files to cache

I've been successfully running rclone cache and crypt for a couple of months, but I sometimes find files I want aren't cached. Is there any way to force rclone to cache a full file, I have 3tb I can use for cache if I need to.

The cache works based on what's being used and caches chunks.

If you are using the whole file, it would be in the cache. If you have 3TB to use, just make sure to configure the total size to use that.

If you uses the files, they will be local in the cache.

There is no way to preload it or anything else other than accessing the whole file.

Thanks, my setup also uses mergefs, I'm wondering if there is someway of keeping files local while also uploading them if they fit my criteria.

I use rclone move within my mergerfs and with Google Drive and I use a poll interval of 15 sceonds. Worse case, I miss a file for 15 seconds, you can move that to 10 seconds as well or you can do a rclone copy first and delete the files after if you were very concerned about missing something.

10-15 seconds in the middle of the night was fine for me in terms of polling as I've never seen an issue with it.

It really depends on what workflow you want to setup and what the use case looks like. If you can figure out the flow, I'm sure folks can help on the commands or logic along with it.

My basic setup is the same with a crypt drive, and a cache drive, local writes to mergefs, the every 30mins I use rclone to move the files from the local drive to the google drive. What I need is the local files to be uploaded fairly promptly (they are also used from another site), but also kept local for faster playback.

They are media files, and I don't currently use plex, I am wondering if that might help, in some way.

The way the cache backend works is it only stores chunks that are accessing. You could upload and read the file on the remote once it's there to pre cache it as that's a manual way to handle it.

I can pick which files with a python script fairly easily, guess I could simply read the files using the script, and dump the data,. How long would it stay cached??

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