Seeing "failed to read directory entry: readdirent: no such file or directory" with v1.52.2

Yes it looks like that go1.15 doesn't quite fix the issue. I suspect there is a kernel bug in there too, but if the workaround works for you that is a result :slight_smile:

Yeah. No problem using the workaround.

Have you stumpled upon a bugreport for this suspected "kernal bug"? I am considering what we can do for further investigation/properly resolving this.

I added a note of our findings to:

Can you try a newer kernel? Or an older one? It mght be that we can discover which kernel versions this affects.

I am affraid that i'm not confident enough to mess with changing kernels. Based on the findings here: 5.4.0-5.7.6 seems affected. I did an upgrade in about april from 18.04. Mostlikely that was running kernel 4.15 as the kernels weren't automatically updated in LTS versions before (if i read the docs correctly).

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Keep your eye on the Go issue I linked above...

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