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Hello and thank you for the great product :slight_smile:

Here is my problem.
I'm syncing quite a lot of files. These files are often added/changed/removed.
What I want to achieve is to make sure that the changes look valid before the sync.
How I solve it now is: I run the sync with --dry-run and then browse the output.

But the problem here is that the output can be pretty big: it could be something like 200 files changed/removed or even more. And what I often need it only to make sure that:

  • there were around 50 files changed and no files removed
  • there were around 5 files removed
  • there were 100 files added and no changes to the existing ones
    Something like that, so I can be sure all seems correct.

So my question: is it possible to have something like a summary of how many files changed, how many removed, how many new added?

We are working on something like that in this issue

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hello and welcome to the forum,

you can write a simple script that will scan the log file.

each time i run rclone, i have a python script that scans the log file for errors.

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