Search folders with rclone server

Would it be possible somehow to put the option to search by name of folders or files in rclone using rclone server http?

I created an Index with some shared drives, used a systemd, reverse proxy, and template. It was very good, the only problem is that there is no way for the user to search for files or folders. He can just browse through the folders.

I tried using an external search system, but I don't think it's a good solution.

I would be grateful if someone could help me out.

rclone serve http doesn't have a search function. Rclone would have to list all the files on the remote, store them in an index and search it. Not impossible but probably outside the remit of the http server.

That's ok!
Thanks for the feedback. I'll try something else, probably listing the contents and putting them in a database to search.

I love rclone, and every day I am surprised by the amount of options in its use. Congratulations on the effort.

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