Safe settings to transfer from gdrive to gdrive without a 24 hour ban?

Hi guys,

Im trying to keep two gdrives in sync, without getting a 24 hour ban.

Anyone know the max safe speed, and / or number of checkers etc etc to set it to?


they are an ban when you are copy more than 10TB Data a day…

I’ve been running the following for days, no bans:

rclone copy --log-level INFO --stats 10s --transfers 16 --bwlimit=100M --no-traverse Source: Target:

Through a VPS, or GCP?


Checked the API and it averages 3 req/sec

Perfect thank you!!!

Should I avoid using Plex at the same time?

I’m both scanning plex (plexdrive not rclone) and uploading from another VPS (default settings except 5M limit) no problems.

Only times I’ve been 403ed is plex scanning a rclone mount or uploading over 10TB/24hours.

Nice! I dont even have 10TB left :slight_smile:
I’m using plexcloud, so that should be easier on it.

I would not use --no-traverse here as it will do way more API calls @aj1252