--s3-profile failing when explicit s3 endpoint is present

6754 is looking really good. Passed the following tests:

With command line:
--s3-sts-endpoint = foo (junk endpoint test) fails correctly with an informative error

RequestError: send request failed
caused by: Post "https://foo/": dial tcp: lookup foo on 10....: no such host

With command line and --s3-sts-endpoint = actual endpoint succeeds. Works with regional private endpoint, zonal private endpoint, and explicit public endpoint

With command line and NO --s3-sts-endpoint succeeds ... expected default to public endpoint
With no command line sts but sts_endpoint in config file succeeds

A long test with sts and s3 endpoints in a config file has happily exceeded the profile's credential expiry, strongly suggesting that creds caching and renewal for long sessions is working. It'll be fully done in a few hours.

So, all in all the 6754 build looks just great. Thanks!

If all continues looking well, what's the process for release? Should I wait for something official?

Good news - thanks for testing :slight_smile:

I've merged this to master now which means it will be in the latest beta in 15-30 minutes and released in v1.62 which will be in a week or so.

If it needs fixing before the release I will patch it, so let me know if you find something broken.

Much appreciated. We'll exercise it as well as we can and get back if any issues!


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I've raised the issue, and recommended that we do so. It's complicated by the fact that my client is a governmental organization. If it turns out that it's not logistically feasible I can always do so as an individual in appreciation of the countless hours you just saved me as an engineer!


Thank you - much appreciated :slight_smile:

Sure ... there were some complications for the personal sponsorship you might want to be aware of ... I'll send email explaining.

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