S3 bucket in conf

Hello !

I’m new to rclone and am considering to use it to provide flexible backup strategy in a dockerized context. I thought it would be a good solution as it looks easy to configure different providers in just one file (.conf).

The problem I have is that it looks like for S3, the bucket is considered as the first element of the path (just as if it was the root folder), rather than being set in the .conf file.

Isn’t it possible to have the bucket defined in .conf, so that the paths are relative to that container ? That would be much more logical in my mind, as each bucket in S3 is an isolated file repository.



You can create the remote as you’ve got it now, then create an alias to the bucket you want to use. That is probably the best way of doing what you want at the moment.

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Nice !! That will do. Thank you very much for your help !

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