Running or monitoring jobs in rclone GUI

running rclone rcd --rc-web-gui starts the rclone GUI. I can explorer files and configure remotes. I see that there is a "Jobs" section, with info such as "bytes transferred". But I do not see any way to start a job from the GUI, such rclone sync.

  1. Is it possible to start a job from the GUI?

  2. I am currently running a rclone sync job from the command line, but the "Jobs" section in the GUI does not show anything about it. So, what does the "Jobs" section mean?

  3. Is there another GUI software that uses rclone (or similar), that allows to save an run jobs?

Cheers, David

Rclone web ui was interesting experiment but it is pretty much abandoned. Last merged PR was in 2021. I would not use it for anything but simple remotes browsing - and even then not sure if all is working as it should.

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