Run RClone as non-admin (windows)

I am finding that if I run rclone.exe as administrator I do not see the mapped drive for my onedrive in windows explorer. However the drive does appear to be mapped its just not visible or something. If I run the program from a command line as a non-admin user everything is fine. Is this by design or am I missing something? How can I run rclone as a non-admin user if I am logged into windows as a admin user?

To explain a little more,

I wrote a autoitscript that does a bunch of things, among the many things it does it runs rclone to map a drive etc… my script requires being run as an admin user due to other things my script needs to do (not related to rclone) but when my script runs I never see the mapped drive.

I can repeat this same behavior if I run rclone.exe in a ADMIN CMD window and a NON-ADMIN CMD.

I should mention I am running Windows 10 Pro x64

You have to run it as system but that’s difficult. There is a wikib page about it. I’ll try to find it

Thanks. I can generally worth with tricky. AutoIt is pretty flexible. Thanks again. I tried to use RUNAS from a ADMIN CMD to test using trust level 20000 (basic user) but rclone fails to load completely. if I run the same CMD in a NON ADMIN CMD rclone works fine.

I can’t find it unfortunately. I remember reading that in order to have the mounts accessible you would need to run then under the windows SYSTEM which is trickier than just doing a runas. @ncw might have better luck locating it and when we find it, it would be a good thing to load into the wiki.

Thanks for the info. With that in mind I was able to come across psexec to run as system which seems to work. Thanks for the info at first look/test psexec will work for what im after. thanks again.

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