Rsync Jottacloud

Hello Rcloneforum

I´ve tried to install rsync on my server. which i did okay..
Now the problem is how do i encrypt and use archive to the server that i´ve got??
Anyone with a guide, cant find anyone??

Thank you for your help!

I'm not sure what you are trying to do as you mention you installed rsync.

Are you trying to use rclone to sync in which case I'm not sure where rsync fits in.

Can you give some more details?

Hallo again

Thank you for reply

I want to install rsync, so that i can store some of my files from my seedbox to the drive and stream them through my plex server?? I´ve installed rsync but i dont know how to archive the files??


What does rsync have to do with rclone though? Do you mean you installed rclone?

Oh yes sorry.. I meant rclone :slight_smile: Yes i´ve installed rclone and want to sent my files encrypted to my jottacloud,, and i want it so that i can stream from my dedicated box??

Thank you for reply. regards

This walks you through setting up a remote:

Once the remote is setup, you can use:

rclone copy /local remote:

or you can sync things

rclone sync /local remote:

All depends on what you want to do.

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