Restore from Trash (Amazon Clouddrive)

Hi there

Thank you so much for rclone, it’s awesome! :slight_smile:

Is rclone able to restore files from the Trash? I don’t see it in the documentation, nor mentioned anywhere in the forum.

If not, could this question please be changed to a feature request? It seems to be possible through their api, if it’s the correct one I googled…

No rclone can’t restore from the trash at the moment.

How would the user interface work for this?

Good question, I’m not entirely sure.

I have more than 100.000 smaller files that I wish to undelete. Doing so from only allows me to select a batch of 1.000 files at a time, and waiting perhaps half a minute for the javascript to process that. So to speed it up, I open a seperate tab and reorder the files either by date or name, in order to make sure that the new tab doesn’t select the same files and shift back and forth selecting more files as each completes. It’s a tedious way of doing it when there’s so many files.

If I could do it in rclone, I would like to have both a “ls” command showing the contents of Trash, and some sort of globbing to match for instance files named “*.mp4” to be restored.

Will you please consider support for this? :slight_smile:

Can you make an issue for this?

The UI would probably involve a special flag like the version support in the b2 remote.