Request for --b2-no-versions option


I would like to request for --b2-no-versions option as discussed in thread number 2403

When rclone comes to update a file that already exists, do a hard delete on the existing file to stop b2 creating a new version.

Would you like to work on that issue?

Rclone sync to backblaze B2 does not copy/sync empty directories.

If empty directories are not synced than using rclone with backblaze B2 will be show stopper for us.

Can we atleast have this feature of creating empty directories when using rclone with backblaze B2.

B2 doesn’t have the concept of directories, only files.

To create an “empty” directory, rclone would create a file called “directory/” of 0 size.

We are ok if rclone can create a file called “directory/” of 0 size.

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