Repeatable 403 Error Downloading Single File From GSuite?


I have the weirdest error happening. I am trying to stream a remux from my Google Drive account, its mounted on a windows pc using fuse. The file was 26GB, and about 10 minutes in, it stopped working and threw 403 errors. I uploaded the same file to a different account (a cheap EDU I keep around for times like this) and within 7-10 minutes I had the exact same 403 error and then lost my downloading privileges for all files. I did the same thing on another 2 EDU accounts and the same issue happened again.

Ive been doing this for months with no issue but this time instead of using Kodi I dragged the file into my media player. Does anyone have ideas what might have caused this?

Hello Eve_Fox,

If by “lost my downloading privileges for all files” you mean what I think you mean, this is indeed disquieting.

Are your GDrive remotes encrypted? If not, I would try again with encryption.

Keep us posted.

– Durval.

Yep exactly what I mean. All my remotes are encrypted. I havent had the issue crop up again while streaming from Kodi. My bets are starting to lean towards JRiver accessing the file somehow improperly or inefficiently?

I’m considering trying it again tonight on a less important account.