Rename on Directory CloneTo

I need to prepend to the file name from one bucket to another. Is there a way to adjust the file name in flight in one call, or do I need to throw it in a temp, rename, and rclone cp back to my destination?

You can use rclone copyto or rclone moveto to change the name of a single thing - does that help?

Yea, I’m either gonna get a manifest list of what I want to copy, and use copyto, or just cp the whole directory over locally, and rename in the directory, and use aws cli to push it over.

Is there a way to use the aws cli in an rclone call? The instances I’m on have access to the buckets i’m using, but I don’t have keys or access to them. was wondering if I could somehow treat it as an rclone remote?

You could copy the bucket to a new bucket then use rclone mount to do the renames. Actually no, that won’t work because of this issue

rclone can access buckets anonymously - is that what you mean?

I think the rename seems to be fine, I’m just cping to local, renaming the directories and files, then pushing to S3.

What I mean with AWS CLI the instances my org starts with have access to private buckets right away through that CLI, I don’t need to provide keys or anything, as long as the IAM that made the ec2 instance has access to the bucket, we’re good. I have to do multiple lines anyway, so it’s no biggie, Just more wondering for future projects.

Oh I see… rclone supports that too, just make sure env_auth is set in the config.