Remote not found after closing SSH session and reopening it

I set up RCLONE on my Feral server, and it worked beautifully. But I needed to reboot my workstation, so I logged off and then logged back on. Now it says that it can’t find the remote (which I named ACD). I went through the config, and the remote is there, the certificate is there,

I can’t figure out why it’s not recognizing the remote, I tried RCLONE AUTHORIZE, but it never brought up the web page (this is a headless server).

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated - I’m new to linux, new to RCLONE, and lost.

Doh, I found the problem. I forgot that Linux is case sensitive. In Windows acd: would have worked, but with Linux, I have to use the exact case I used when I created it, ACD:

Glad you worked it out.

rclone’s syntax is case sensitive on Windows too BTW