Refresh key for ncdu?

Sometimes extra output messes up the screen. E.g., one of those “Your browser didn’t send a complete request” messages (or perhaps from some other process running in the same terminal session). It would be nice to have a “refresh” key (perhaps Control+R or L?)


It would be dead easy to do this… If you make a new issue on github then we can get to it! Or I could talk you through doing it if you want?

I’m certainly willing to do it. This “Go” language is all the rage, I probably should get familiar with it.

I’m guessing that the gitlab protocols are more to learn than the code. :wink:

Ace! Make an issue first and I’ll talk you through it.

It is probably only a couple of lines of code and a few lines of docs…


Funny how I need 20 characters just to say “Done!” :wink:

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