Reconfigure rclone with the same passwords/passphrases on other machine failes


i am having an working RClone on my Macmini running. Crypt works fine…

No i wood like to use this Crypted Data on another machine, the Problem i think there is something wrong…

Mac-Pro:~ Massaguana$ rclone ls GSuiteCrypt:
2017/05/11 09:44:23 Failed to ls: directory not found
Mac-Pro:~ Massaguana$

i Think is use the correct passwords, but i don´t work

What can i do?

When i go to rclone config on the running machine i can see with config the used passwords. Are this “Passwords” are the correct one?


unbelievable, 10 minutes after this post i find my mistake…

When you are Setup an Crypt you must write the exist remote with :