Recommened audit commands

Anyone have a recommended way to audit a crypt copy? right now I use rclone check source destination but I get worried when I see “x hashes could not be checked” not to sure what that is

Use the latest beta and follow these instructions

rclone cryptcheck checks a remote against a crypted remote. This is
the equivalent of running rclone check, but able to check the
checksums of the crypted remote.

For it to work the underlying remote of the cryptedremote must support
some kind of checksum.

It works by reading the nonce from each file on the cryptedremote: and
using that to encrypt each file on the remote:. It then checks the
checksum of the underlying file on the cryptedremote: against the
checksum of the file it has just encrypted.

Use it like this

rclone cryptcheck /path/to/files encryptedremote:path

You can use it like this also, but that will involve downloading all
the files in remote:path.

rclone cryptcheck remote:path encryptedremote:path

After it has run it will log the status of the encryptedremote:.

rclone cryptcheck remote:path cryptedremote:path [flags]

thanks for the prompt response, started the process now, looks like it will take a bit but should be good :slight_smile: thanks!

@ncw, does that mean that rclone check will not verify the checksum of the contents of an encrypted remote?

Yes, that's correct. You need to use cryptcheck as noted above.

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