Recommended setup for Sonarr/Radarr

I just got a seedbox from seedhost and i was able to see that rlcone mount is working but with the new cache feature and trying to avoid GBan i dont know how i should setup. On my current seedbox at Feralhosting i cant use rclone mount because they dont allow fuse. So i have radarr move the file locally on the box to the same hierachy setup as my gdrive and run a rclone copy to move it to gdrive and have radarr set the movie to unmonitor if file is missing to avoid redownload. Now that i can mount, i would prefer if i could just directly write to the mount instead of having to use the copy command. The box has 1tb of space so i think that should be enough for caching but i also need space for seeding.

What do you all suggest


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