Recommended Dropbox (Formally Google Drive) and Plex Mount Settings

first off all thanks for youre work. @Animosity022 I have one issue with rclone and emby . The first scan during to long can you give me some advaice ? should i make one folder movies and one tvshows (shared team)? i have now all in one folder (shared team) should i dont make shared folder and choice the normal folder ?

There's no magic as that first scan takes times and the number of items in the library is really the driving factor as it's all cloud storage.

You just wait.

im just waiting 2 weeks. With google was max 1 week. Do you using shared folders or your own folder ?

Dunno. Best to probably start a new support topic if you'd like.

It really doesn't matter on that part. It's all about number of items and the size of your library.

Just curious, why your Github page was removed?
I really found it helpful, especially with uses of newly added features in Rclone.

I got some hate from folks so decided I didn't want to deal with that anymore.

How pathetic your life has to be to hate such informative, helpful and detailed docs ....

Yeah, the internet really is 'interesting' these days, but not worth the stress unfortunately.

I get it, sorry about that.
It's like some twisted version R34, where 'if something even just exists online, there's gonna be some spiteful haters for it'.

Are you gonna post your settings somewhere else?

Also went looking for this today and got the 404, would be great if you could include the settings here instead?

Hi! Is there any chance to get some hint about your (old?) configs?

Thanks in advance and shame to haters!