Recommended Dropbox (Formally Google Drive) and Plex Mount Settings

Excellent - I squeezed out a few more seconds for large files with:

rclone mount --allow-other --dir-cache-time 48h --vfs-read-chunk-size 32M --vfs-read-chunk-size-limit 2G --buffer-size 512M --umask 002 --bind --cache-dir=/mnt/user/rclone/vfs --vfs-cache-mode writes --log-level INFO --stats 1m gdrive_media_vfs: /mnt/disks/rclone_vfs

I couldn’t get these to work (unraid rclone plugin user), maybe because I’m still using a unionfs mount??? I think I’m going to stay with my offline rclone upload job anyway as 1 failed/lost upload will probably be my most vital file!

To get those to work, you had to compile from code. I’m not sure how that would work on the Unraid as I’m a Linux user.

What was your thinking behind this? Also, the 16MB which I think is new.


Yeah, I made a few changes as I was updating based on the better clarification.

I have a gigabit pipe so I was doing a bit more testing and 16MB chunks seemed to be a better spot for an all around number for folks that might not be lucky enough for gigabit FIOS to their house :slight_smile:

Since I have plenty of memory, I adjusted the caps out for max size and buffer to match.

Sorry but I am confused, are you mounting the crypt that is cached but using VFS?

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VFS is using a similar chunked download for files so you should not banned but it allows for a scaling size of the chunks so it can grow.

dir-cache gives you directory/file name caching based on how long you configure. It basically removes the need to use the cache backend.

Just want to share my setup from Animosity022 .

I was running plexdrive with no encryption. Start times took aprox 5-10 secs.

My new setup is rclone with all data is encrypted on Googledrive - testet this morning after my plex libraries where done.
A normal movie started instantly :slight_smile:

So nice @Animosity022 . Keep up the good work.



Happy to hear! Thanks for sharing.

With my set up, I keep files younger than 30 days local until a disk usage threshold is met then an rclone move script uploads older files so I don’t need to write to my gdrive mount. Can this still be used as read only? If not, what need to be changed?

That really depends on you.

For me, I need read-write so I can delete files automatically and replace things. If you don’t need read-write, you can always make it read-only.

Damn somehow this made my start times 3-4x slower lol
16mbps movie Plexdrive: 3sec Rclone: 12sec
Tested various movies with same pattern.On second playback it load instantly pretty much but meh, I guess I’ll just stick to plexdrive 5.

I always say stick with what works for you.

For me, I start up in 1-2 seconds and it’s much faster than plexdrive for me and many folks that sent me messages.

Happy to assist if you share what you are using and more details on your setup.

plex is pointed to unionfs folder, used the script exactly as you posted. I can see it works fine lots of people here, no idea why it doesn’t for me. I don’t have an SSD so that might be a thing.

Are you mounting with -o sync_read on the unionfs mount?

No, When I tried that with rclone it wouldn’t let me. I will try it on unionfs.

rclone mount already included the sync_read as a default option.

If you use unionfs or mergers, you have to pass the sync_read option when mounting or things become out of order.

I would use something like:

/usr/bin/unionfs-fuse -o cow,allow_other,auto_cache,sync_read /local/movies=RW:/media/Movies=RO /Movies

No luck. Like you said, I will stick with what works. Thanks for trying to help anyway.

As I like to understand what’s different, could you share your plexdrive command to mount and exact rlcone mount?

Can you do a quick test of mediainfo and let me know your results? Basically pick one movie that has some size to it and you can run on your plexdrive and rclone mount directly. Just skip unionfs so we can start as simple as possible.

For me on rclone /GD is my mount and I have a 25GB test movie I was using without any auto_cache so it grabs the chunks each time for the compare:

felix@gemini:/GD/Radarr_Movies/Unsane (2018)$ time mediainfo Unsane\ \(2018\).mkv  | grep blah

real	0m2.631s
user	0m0.097s
sys	0m0.029s
felix@gemini:/GD/Radarr_Movies/Unsane (2018)$ time mediainfo Unsane\ \(2018\).mkv  | grep blah

real	0m2.445s
user	0m0.078s
sys	0m0.056s
felix@gemini:/GD/Radarr_Movies/Unsane (2018)$ time mediainfo Unsane\ \(2018\).mkv  | grep blah

real	0m2.443s
user	0m0.100s
sys	0m0.033s

Those times should be fairly consistent and repeatable barring any huge jumps in your internet traffic or things like that.

With Plexdrive, I see:

root@gemini:/PDDecrypt/Radarr_Movies/Unsane (2018)# time mediainfo Unsane\ \(2018\).mkv  | grep blah

real	0m2.912s
user	0m0.059s
sys	0m0.053s
root@gemini:/PDDecrypt/Radarr_Movies/Unsane (2018)# time mediainfo Unsane\ \(2018\).mkv  | grep blah

real	0m3.173s
user	0m0.098s
sys	0m0.051s
root@gemini:/PDDecrypt/Radarr_Movies/Unsane (2018)# time mediainfo Unsane\ \(2018\).mkv  | grep blah

real	0m3.434s
user	0m0.105s
sys	0m0.058s

So generally slower, but not really that noticeable.

If you can capture a slow start time and run the rclone mount with debug, I’d love to see that log file as it should be very apparent why it’s slower.

For rclone I literally copied your script commands. for plexdrive5 i use this

/usr/sbin/plexdrive mount -o allow_other --refresh-interval=1m --chunk-check-threads=6 --chunk-load-ahead=4 --chunk-load-threads=6 --chunk-size=5M --max-chunks=400

I did a test on a bluray remux 32gb
rclone real 14sec plexdrive 11.38

What are the advantages of --bind? Rclone is running on my unraid server that has a static address - is it still worth doing? Thanks