Read Only problem S3 when using NSSM as service

I have the rclone using the NSSM as service, I put the NSSM and the rclone at the same folder.
I copy my rclone.conf to this folder too.
I use the NSSM on cmd using Admin
Path: C:\rclone\rclone.exe
Arguments mount MYBUCKET1:MYBUCKET1/ S: --vfs-cache-mode full -- --config “C:\rclone\rclone.conf”

The service start normally, no errors, it mount the S: and the bucket is sync.

My problem is: If I open a file, edit and just hit save, it shows a message saying that is read only, that I need to rename the file or save on another folder.

If I run the rclone directly on the CMD, without making a NSSM service, this problem did not occour.

There is a problem with the NSSM service, that is creating read only or something.
Anyone know what might be happening?

I'm using latest verion of rclone

Windows 10


hello and welcome to the forum,

i have never used nssm service, as i use windows task scheduler, which has a nice GUI and can be used with any application, not just rclone.

i suggest that you run rclone.exe with the same user as you are, not SYSTEM user.
in my case, user01

But the prompt will be open all the time?
I use the NSSM because I don't want the prompt be open all the time

if all you want to do is hide the prompt then use rclone flag
--no-console Hide console window. Supported on Windows only.

but using task scheduler, will also hide the prompt and a lot of other features including running the rclone mount at system boot.

All I want is that, hide the console, because the prompt was always there before. Now its hidden
Thanks alot!
Didn't know about that --no-console command.
That works for me
I create a cmd with the arguments, and schedule the cmd when logon.

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