Rclone worked great yesterday not working at all today, got a very surprising error

vps ubuntu22 rclone 1.63

I do note have the knowledge to copy/paste the text so I took a screenshot. I am not sure what is wrong, I might need to redo my app authorization maybe? or maybe it's totally different?

I had to wget the rclone.conf file from my main computer to set this remote up because without copy/paste all the tokens are a NIGHTMARE to get set up on the vps. It worked GREAT, now something is wrong with the config file and I can't tell what. Please help.

Sidenote: somehow OTHER subfolders? work perfectly, but this one? no??!

edit: Keep in mind this subfolder did work yesterday, but now it doesn't... very strange, hope nothing is wrong on google's end.

Provide all info which is asked for in this post template. If you do not know how to do copy/paste then google. It is impossible to guess what your issue is without information.

The screenshot contains 100% of the same information a copy/paste would. I do not think it is possible to copy/paste in this webbrowser VNC window.

Maybe it is, but googling it won't help.

I could get more information if there is something beyond -vv but when I tested -vvv it didn't do anything differently it didn't seem?

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