Rclone with service acocunts

How can i use Serivce account with rclone?

I created a remote without service account folder because i only can use one at one time how can i use multiple? its possible combine with autorclone but no one of the telegram group is even friendly and tries to help me and i really dont know what to do.

the rclone.conf has all my service accounts in there but i dont know what i need to type that rclone uses them (https://i-dont-care.isis.careers/kdRIjgZB_)

i used this command

"rclone sync --progress --create-empty-src-dirs Path Cloud:/Serien/"

but nothing works it just uses my main account and not the service account i didnt added a se path cuz i dont know what i should put there because i want to use my other too after the limit.


you posted in the wrong section of the forum,

please start a new post and use the help and support template and answer all the questions.

also, please post text, just copy and paste from the terminal into the post instead of screenshots.


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