Rclone with nextcloud - Best setting?


What settings do you recommend for me to use with Nextcloud? I have come across a few and like the following but would like to optimize speeds more

--allow-non-empty \
--allow-other \
--log-level DEBUG \
--max-read-ahead 14G \
--checkers 16 \
--stats 1m \
--uid 33 \
--gid 33 \
--umask 007 \
--syslog \

what are you trying to do?
rclone mount, rclone copy or what?

I use --vfs-cache-mode full. Try it with default settings first. This should be a good start to find your best settings. Only --vfs-cache-max-size and --vfs-cache-max-age must be changed to fits your system ressources and prefered cache size / age. --max-read-ahead is not needed.

when you posted, you should have been asked for information.
you have not provided any information.

is there something wrong with the way rclone is working?

what is your mount command?
what version of rclone?

--allow-non-empty leads to problems of over mounting, that should be removed
--checkers does nothing on a mount

best of start with the defaults and a few flags as possible.

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