Rclone with bunnycdn

also i have noticed that you use the new york storage location, i use the default storage location falkenstein.
this is my ftp host: storage.bunnycdn.com

Hi everyone, Dejan here from bunny.net. Apologies for the issues here. While we really don't spend any significant budget for the landing page illustrations, some of the articles did in fact get a little outdated as we focused on the new features and developments. We plan to go through all the articles in the near future and bring them up to date.

Regarding the issue itself, our FTP was actually implemented as a completely custom implementation to connect to our Edge Storage system and it looks like we don't support the REST command which is causing the issue.

We're currently checking if we can get this implemented to add compatibility, but can't promise this just yet. We are however planning to release an S3 compatible storage API very shortly which I hope would serve as a better interface for rclone given how outdated FTP is.

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i am glad that you too me up on my offer, to join the forum and help out.
thanks for that...

i wanted to point out that using i am able to upload/download to my storage without 502 errors.
why does it happen to the OP but not to me?

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