Rclone, Webdav and Synology?

Has anyone managed to get rclone working with a folder on a Synology NAS via WebDav? I tried adding a new config, with the URL, plus username, password and ‘other’, and it sort of works - in as much as if I run:

rclone lsd syno:/

I get a directory listing of the folders in the root. However, if I try and do anything in any of the child folders, I get a 403 error from rclone, e.g.,

rclone lsd/syno:/photo

I know that setting up webdav on Syno can be a bit hit and miss (the Syno webdav forum posts indicate this) but I’m pretty certain I’ve got it configured correctly, as I can connect via my Mac and run rsync to the shared webdav volumes. So why does rclone baulk? :slight_smile:

Make sure you try the latest beta - there have been fixes recently!

Will give it a shot!