Rclone was not able to mount Office365 developer 5T onedrive about 20hours ago

Before yesterday, the API worked followed the instruction "https://rclone.org/onedrive/". But it stopped about 20 hours ago exactly the time 17:00(GMT+8).

when I use rclone to mount the onedrive to my VPS, it keeps showing as follows:

2020/03/12 12:29:41 Failed to query available drives: HTTP error 503 (503 Service Unavailable) returned body: "{\r\n "error": {\r\n "code": "serviceNotAvailable",\r\n "message": "Service unavailable",\r\n "innerError": {\r\n "request-id": "5fb659ce-538b-4247-940b-0889aceedc18",\r\n "date": "2020-03-12T04:29:41"\r\n }\r\n }\r\n}"

Does the API need to update?

Ah, had the exact same issue with my own client id/secret few days ago on a specific account.

Sometimes onedrive api throws that error. Try removing the Rclone app from OneDrive account and authorize it again.

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