RClone w/ GSuite

I have existing remotes for a Google Drive account, but I'm thinking of getting GSuite to use for my backups. Does anyone know if I can use my existing GDrive remotes to copy content to GSuite, or do I need to create a specific remote for GSuite? If I need to create another one, does anyone know what the number is for rclone 1.50.2?

Gsuite and Google Drive private use the same "Google Drive" remote type. I think it is still #13 , but this will be obvious to you if you just look at the menu in rclone config.

Here is what I would suggest:

  • Set up a new "Google Drive" via rclone config for your Gsuite

  • Enable server-side transferring by adding server_side_across_configs = true to the rclone.conf file in both the new and the old Gdrive remotes. Alternative you could use --drive-server-side-across-configs=true in the command itself, but then you have to use it each time you want to do a server-side transfer. This will enable you to copy or move data directly from your old drive to the new one. This is massively faster than downloading it and re-uploading because you won't be limited by your own bandwidth. Note that if you copy the data you will have to abide by the 750GB/day limit. If you move the data however then it should not count towards your quota as it won't actually need to move the data. It just swaps permissions on the files.

  • Finally, use either a rclone move or rclone copy from the old Gdrive to the new Gdrive to transfers your files. The command might look something like this:
    rclone move OldGdrive: NewGdrive: -P --drive-server-side-across-configs
    (obviously the names of your remotes will vary)

If you want to change the names of the remotes (because maybe you want to keep the old name for the new Gsuite drive) then this can be done at any time. the name of the remote doesn't have any technical impact on functionality and won't require any re-setup. Just change it as you want either via rclone config command or directly editing rclone.conf