Rclone + vps + docker:jdownloader

Hi there!

I’ve a small vps (only 20 gb) with rclone (gdrive) and jdownloader in docker container.
I want to download some .mkv (larger than 20 gb) directly to gdrive, because I don’t have this space in VPS.

I’ve tried:

rclone mount --allow-other --vfs-cache-mode off -v gdrive: --gid 1000 --uid 1000 /$HOME/gdrive &
Jdownloader says --> Invalid download directory

If I change :
rclone mount --allow-other --vfs-cache-mode minimal -v gdrive: --gid 1000 --uid 1000 /$HOME/gdrive &
Jdownloader start downloading in VPS disk, so after some minutes, VPS disk is full

Is there any way to do it?

Off is the default so you can just remove the parameter all together:

--vfs-cache-mode string Cache mode off|minimal|writes|full (default "off")

How would you be downloading the files? That would depend on how if it would work or not. I believe with vfs-cache-mode off, it would write directly to the mount but it’s gotta come from somewhere first to copy it.

Just download un BDRIP larger than 20gb, is it possible to copy to gdrive if my vps hard disk is less than 20gb?

I’m not sure what you mean when you say download as to how it’s actually getting downloaded. Torrent? NZB? file copy from something else?

Depending on the method, it would determine if it’s possible or not.

NZB and direct link (like mega.co.nz)

I believe a direct link would work as that would be more like a ‘cp’ or ‘copy’.

I don’t think NZB would be good as it would download all the files, upload them by one and it does a lot to combine the files / extract them which all would be downloading and uploading at the same time to your GD.

You can always give it a try with cache mode off and see if it works as well for a quick test.

What may work is direct unpack offered by NZBget and SAB. If there are health issues with the nzb, NZBget and SAB will use a local tmp but unpack the files directly to your destination drive which in this case is your gdrive. Thus enabling to download files greater than your local storage.

Here is some output from an NZBget download:

Downloaded size 42.7 GB
Download speed 22.2 MB/s
Total time 0:33:02
Download time 0:32:51
Verification time 0:00:00
Repair time 0:00:00
Unpack time 0:00:03

The unpack was only 3 seconds because as it was downloading, it was unpacking into my destination directory.

I got a ban because of download with JD2 on my VPS. So I don’t recommend to use, using torrent is the best for me.