rClone VFS with Cache Remote + cache-tmp-upload-path

Good to know, thanks. How much should it be reduced in order to stop it? 99%, 80% or is it just trial and error?

Not a lot I don't think. TCP needs replies. I generally don't worry about it and let it do its thing. I'm not sure why you're seeing half the speed but a log (-vv) would help. Could be your router, network, etc. There are many factors as to why you're seeing speed changes when going in both directions.

Got my log file here, https://pastebin.com/msyWUBJ7.

If I limit Rclone to --bwlimit 800, I can get a download speed of 3.35 MB/s. Anything over that or if I don't limit Rclone is about 1.85 MB/s. With no Rclone, I can get 3.80 MB/s. My Rclone speed unlimited is 1.037 MBytes/s.

Download = 40 mbps
Upload = 10 mbps

Got most of my TV show library uploaded. Try to play an episode and there was a long start time and buffering every 30 seconds. Got an excerpt of my log at the time it was playing. https://pastebin.com/HMRFeqcs. Is the full thing preferable?

Using rclone mount --dir-cache-time 96h --cache-info-age 100h --allow-other --bw-limit 0.5M --cache-tmp-upload-path /mnt/synology/media/gd-tmp gd-crypt: /mnt/PlexRemote

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