Rclone v1.37 release

@zaldre any chance that you are able to produce a minidump or WinDbg report that demonstrates the issue?

Sure thing @billziss-gh - I’ve got a minidump but it seems not-so-verbose. (indicates an NTOSKRNL.exe error which is fairly non-descript)

RE: Github, On the Rclone or Winfsp github?

Please open an issue with WinFsp and attach the minidump. Please add all relevant information such as use of Avast AV, error message about aswsnx.sys, etc.

BTW, WinFsp includes public symbols in the directory:
\Program Files (x86)\WinFsp\sym

EDIT: if you feel uncomfortable attaching a minidump in a public forum (like GitHub) you can also try running analyze -v from WinDbg, although you would have to set up NTOS symbols properly for this to produce useful info.

Sure thing. I’ll sort it out. Thanks.

@billziss-gh As requested - https://github.com/billziss-gh/winfsp/issues/97

Thank you. I am going on vacation in a couple of days, but I am nevertheless hoping to find some time to look at this soon.

Will the new —fast-list work on B2 mounts?

Absolutely! Yes it will. B2 was one of the main reasons for the flag.

Thanks for that - I’ll put that in the docs.

Can this release be used to communicate with ACD like that alpha you released a while ago?

so… i’ve been using plexdrive for a bit after some bans, but would like to switch back to pure rclone…

is there some way i could set with the new --tpslimit and --tpslimit-burst, to keep from getting google drive bans?


OMG ncw I love you. I really, really, appreciate your work on this!!!

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Windows mounting runs very good and very fast for me - especialy dir list is fast as hell … very cool …

One Question : did someone manage to “share” the mounted drive LEtter under Windows ?

It brings up an error - ressource not available …

Any hint on that one ? 8)

Would be a great thing to share the ressource over SMB with Kodi … 8)


@FoGBaV In general it is possible to share a drive created by WinFsp. However I have not tried this with rclone mount; it may be that rclone mount does not implement some necessary operation.

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Yes it can. You just need to use the amazon proxy linked to (indirectly) from the docs.

If you search on the forum for --tpslimit you’ll find a thread where people have been experimenting with just that.

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More than likely! Is there a doc about what needs to be done?

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I have thought a bit more about this and I am thinking that the real reason for the encountered error may again be related to the drive namespace issue that we discussed earlier.

I seem to recall that Windows cannot share a local drive (i.e. one that is only visible to the current user). The likely reason is that NetShareAdd requires administrator privileges. Recall that an elevated user sees a different drive namespace than the same user without administrator privileges.

The only way to make this work is to make the drive run under the SYSTEM account; drives created by the SYSTEM account are globally visible. Such a drive would also have to be a “disk” drive, “network” drives cannot be shared (I think). Rclone mount creates “disk” drives by default.

So it is doable, but the procedure is not documented (or easy).

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Thanks for that Bill. If anyone does achieve it then can they write it up in the rclone wiki and I can link from the mount docs.