Rclone union (merge 3x150GB remote storage in one folder) - Can't calculate used space

Can anyone please tell me correct way to setting up my 3 remote storage to act like single folder. I would simply like to merge my free Storj.io space.

I received 3 x 150G with 3 different API keys for same account, but i would like to simply merge my mount in single folder.

Rclone union would do the trick, but i need little help with it. I would like all 3 network drives to be filled with data when uploading (last file uploaded on drive with less used space).


  • I would upload 99 files all same 1MB size.. (uploaded all inside single union folder).
  • On upload finish there needs to be my all 3 drives filled with something like 33 files per drive.

Problem exist right now, because my mounts reports unlimited space and EPMFS can't determine used or free space.. It's little strange, because real usage can be seen with "du -sh" command through terminal.

I think that sub-folders could be problematic too, because my biggest folder includes bigger sub-folders. Right now i see those big folders only on mount number 1. Other two drives got only few small files.

My current mount command:

rclone mount storj: /mnt/storj0/ --cache-dir /mnt/cache/ --vfs-cache-max-age 1h --vfs-cache-mode full --union-create-policy eprand & disown

Currently is possible mount 3 drives inside one folder only with eprand create-policy for my Storj space, but i would really need usage checking on my network drives.

Any suggestions will be really appreciated. I see that rclone union offers many interesting options.

tl;dr sorry mega brainfog

probably want

--vfs-disk-space-total-size 450G

Manually set the total disk space size (example: 256G, default: -1)

on the union mount

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