Rclone unable to handle no-name “folder” on Azure


I would like suggest to resolve problem for azure storage similar as it was resolved for S3 storage here. [Rclone unable to handle no-name “folder” on S3]

The description of the problem was detailed described here [Rclone unable to list/sync “folder” on azure storage account] but topic is now closed so I can't add any comments there.

Any help from your site is very appreciated
Best regards

hello and welcome to the forum,

your issue might be different from that other closed topic.

when you posted there was a template of questions, none of which you answered.
so it is hard to know for sure what the exact problem is.

this is not a bug as that is how rclone works.
to quote a fellow rcloner this might be called a "(undocumented) limitation..."

check at the rclone github, there might be a open issue.
if not, you create create a new issue.

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