rClone Ui on remote VPS

Hi all ,
I try to run rClone Ui on my VPS but without success . My VPS is located in other country ( i don't have physical access ) , when i run command trough SSH (rclone rcd --rc-web-gui-no-open-browser --rc-user=admin --rc-pass=pass --rc-serve ) everityng look good (2020/02/29 13:59:25 NOTICE: Serving remote control on )
When i point browser to rclone web interface noting happen (server not found )
How can i make this working ?
The port in fail2ban is open .

You need to bind it to the external IP with --rc-addr :5572 it is only bound to localhost by default.

Oh TankYou . It work , but i can see web interface as described here
Maybe i fogos somting. Thanks again

Let us know if you want more help!

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