Rclone transfers so slow

I want to transfer big amount files from Google Drive to OneDrive. I am using OpenWrt on Newifi 3, Rclone v1.52.2_2020-06-24
My command:

rclone sync remote_drive:path remote_onedrive:path --checkers=2 --transfers=1 --use-mmap

Rclone just use 1.5MB/s in transfer (Upload and download), but my internet have approximately 10MB/s. I think it's due to slow RAM speed.

Sorry for my bad English.

Yeah. OneDrive is horrible at upload. If you have plenty of Ram, then try using --onedrive-chunk-size=250M

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Thank you for the tip. For me, this improved the upload with a GBit connection from 100 MBit to at least 250 MBit, which is a start :slight_smile:

Yesterday I probably ran into the general throttling through the many attempts: today the uploads run at 500 Mbit, which is completely sufficient for the time being.

In this context, thanks again to the rclone developers for your great work!

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Hello peter999, i am glad that rclone is working for you.
i am not a developer but just a poster like you.

not sure you know that you can donate to the primary developer of rclone.

i assure you that i do not profit financially.

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