Rclone sync win10 to sftp:synology fails to create file system

I want to sync a folder from a Win10 PC to a shared folder on a Synology NAS using SFTP using...

rclone sync -i D:\Users\rtroop\Videos sftp://user1@

This yields
Failed to create file system for "sftp://user1@": didn't find section in config file

I'm stuck. How do I create that "section" in the "config file"? I tried the config wizard, and didn't see a place to enter the destination folder "MyVids".

There must be something elementary that I am missing. Thank you.

create the remote with the rclone config wizard.
then when you specify the rclone sync, use the path then.

for example, if the remote is named remote
rclone sync -i D:\Users\rtroop\Videos remote:/MyvVids

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Thank you. This really simplified the connection for me in many ways.

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